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Pest Prevention Tips

While we may have read all the manuals, you can rest assured that the bugs definitely have not and we understand that some pest related problems can be pernicious and as such extremely frustrating, which is why we always recommend a little bit of self help...


Make it hard for bugs to enjoy their stay in and around your property while looking for shelter, food and water.


MACH 1 offers annual termite inspections and full termite treatments. Termites are a big problem throughout Florida. Even if you decide the regular pest control is not for you, at the very least, we would recommend an annual termite inspection. 


It is worthy of note that should you wish to sell your property, home inspectors pay particular attention to this area of home maintenance.

Try to ensure that you home is leak free and avoid the possibility of standing water. 

Do not leave food exposed inside or out, bowls of cereal left on the table on the pool deck are a great source of entertainment for all manner of pests ( and other critters).

Reduce clutter throughout the home and garage. Try to keep trash cans and recycle bins clean and plug noticeable cracks and crevices.


Keep vegetation clear of the exterior of the property. 

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