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We will advise if faulty irrigation appears to be causing issues with a yard as it is in all our best interests to have an effectively functioning system and we would be more than happy to rectify any problems. However, depending on the circumstances, there would be additional fees for this service.


Florida's unique weather conditions at certain times of year can cause lawns to go off really fast and we always appreciate a heads up between service months if a lawn appears to be struggling, then we can call by to check it out.

A correctly set irrigation system is of paramount importance. It needs to be regularly monitored and set in accordance with local water management restrictions.  

It is our experience that should your home be available for vacation rental, management companies tend to anticipate that any rental home will benefit from a regular pest control service. Guests can be quite put out if they spot bugs of any kind inside or out during their stay and it is good to know that there is a reliable company to call on the event that any pest related problems occur.


  • Lawns All: treat every other month- 6 services per year

  • Pest Control General: quarterly service- 4 services per year

  • Termite Works: consider an annual inspection; depending on the age of the property- full termite treatment

  • Commercial- monthly pest control service

  • Between Service Call Outs: depending on the time of the notification we strive for Same Day Attention, failing that- the morning of the following day.

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